Hot Spotz

Elvira Caria 

Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show is searching for Legacy …

Together with host, Elvira Caria, we will search the Census Toronto Metropolitan Area for unique stories in the Baking and Sweets industry throughout the year. What does each candidate offer consumers that makes him or her or their particular business unique? What have we discovered that makes them irresistible? How have they created such a loyal following? What’s the secret to their huge success?

What makes them such a “Hot Spot?”

Who or what makes them a candidate? Have they developed a new Bake ware product that’s selling like hotcakes? Are their Wedding Cakes the talk of the town? Why is there a constant line-up at their bakery? Are they new to Canada and what’s the attraction everyone’s talking about? How does their gadget revolutionize cake decorating? What makes them a “world favourite?” Can these Vegan-based sweets be successful with mainstream consumers?

We will Break Out 30 minute Events on Canada’s Baking and Sweets Shows’ Facebook page with Elvira Caria as our on-location host for each of these “Facebook Live” Events. She will not only interview the owners and dig deep to find answers but she will also uncover some of the GTA’s most exclusive “Gems”!

If you miss the Facebook Event, return to this page after the original broadcast and watch it here at your leisure. Every “Hot Spotz” interview will be found here. We have begun our search. If any CBSS fans feel they know of an ideal candidate, contact us at with their information.


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