Baking & Decorating Academy

Thousands have walked into Academy classes, since 2011, and have come out rejuvenated and inspired.

The Baking Academy provides students two choices - specialty baking for the holidays and beyond or learning new and unique techniques in cake decorating.

Read through the Demonstration (Demo) class descriptions. These are one-hour snapshots that take the student on a rapid journey into each theme. You are exposed to new concepts that can help add to your repertoire or that can become the starting point of a new learning experience.

New and established students, to baking and cake decorating, take heart. Several exhibitors at the show can equip you with all the decorating tools, ingredients, fondants, bakeware and much more. This is your opportunity to bulk up on your supplies for the holidays. Prices will be competitive so be ready to shop.

For the dedicated student of baking and/or cake decorating, the Hands-On Class is the truth. It’s a connection between student and professional instructor. Class sizes are smaller, but time spent together is longer, allowing a more in-depth study and actual working experience in developing and learning a new skill. Beginner classes will be available but much of the instruction will be at an intermediate or advanced level.

For either of the Demo or Hands-On classes, study the schedules when they’re posted and make your selections early.

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