Celebrating “Canadiana” in 2019

Canada is a special country with special people, customs and folklore. Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show wants to explore and discover what makes Canada a great place to live.

Everybody has their own visual sentiment on what defines Canada. Is it a professional hockey team? The RCMP? The Rocky Mountains? Niagara Falls? Aboriginal Folklore? The Maple Leaf? Wiarton Willie? Our multicultural inclusiveness?

As a Baking and Sweets exposition we want to investigate the “visuals and tastes” from our lifestyle and culture. The aforementioned represent some of the visuals that come to mind.

What activates your salivary glands? Maple Syrup? Butter Tarts? Coffee Crisp? Depending on which of the 10 provinces or 3 territories you originate, something local will remind you of a favourite taste. If you can think of another taste or flavour reminding you of our nation send it to info@canadasbakingandsweetsshow.com

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