Cake Decorating

You’ve seen so many beautifully decorated cakes and now you want to try for yourself?

Good idea. That’s how many of our amateur bakers/cake decorators get started. It’s also a very handy skillset to mark celebrations such as children’s birthdays, religious occasions or any special occasion where the focal point can be one of your own artistic creations. Cake mix cakes are easy and quick but going a step beyond by using icing, frosting or other decorative elements adds colour and excitement to the occasion.

Start simply by covering your cake with icing or sprinkling icing sugar on it. Then decorate it by piping icing flowers or use an embossing mat to transfer patterns onto your cake. From there you can move forward into 3D using fondant and marzipan. When you’re ready to use fondant, that’s when the real fun begins.

So why not begin by attending classes at our Baking & Decorating Academy? Next you’ll want to head over to our show floor where you’ll find several Cake Decorating Suppliers. Start with Demonstration classes then try a beginner Hands-On class.

Have a look at our schedule of classes, when they’re posted, and make your selections:

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