Charmian Christie

Charmian Christie is a food writer, culinary instructor, and the creator of The Messy Baker (, a blog that specializes in approachable, inspiring cooking from scratch. She's also the author of two cookbooks: The Messy Baker: More than 75 Delicious Recipes from a Real Kitchen and The 3-Ingredient Baking Book: 101 Simple, Sweet & Stress-Free Recipes. She's been featured in national and international publications, including, The Boston Globe, Canadian Living, and Toronto Star. On TV, she's thrown pastry on Steven and Chris and rescued burnt cookies on Canada AM.  When she's not messing up other people's kitchens, Charmian lives in Guelph with her husband, two cats, and enough cookbooks to buckle the floorboards. She will be on The Main Stage on Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM.

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