Family Zone

Why take your kids to a baking show?

Let’s start at the end …”and they get to eat their masterpiece”.

Trust us when we tell you the best part isn’t necessarily when they eat their project. Amidst the colour everywhere in the convention center, the wonderful smells wafting from the baked goods bursting from the exhibits, the children arrive at Family Zone and take their places.

They look around wondering, “What’s going on?”

Then someone places a muffin, a cookie, or a tart in front of him or her. Out of nowhere they’re handed a piping bag or icing cream and a spatula or frosting and sprinkles. The head chef reaches over and guides them how to “work it”. Before too long their work of art starts to take shape. The uncertainty at the beginning is replaced by a smile. That’s when they’ve connected – it’s a moment of enchantment.

Some of the most fun at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show, over the years, has taken place at The Family Zone.

We recommend signing your children up at The Family Zone as soon as you enter the show. Spaces are limited because the interest is high.

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