If CBSS was only a baking show, we would only be interested in the Unsweetened or Bittersweet baking chocolate. As a Baking AND Sweets show we can appreciate both sides of the equation. We love sweetened chocolate too.

Baking Chocolate

As mentioned, the two main types of baking chocolate are unsweetened and bittersweet. The cacao content in the unsweetened chocolate is 100% (no sugars or other ingredients added), while only 67% cacao in the bittersweet chocolate, although it has some sugar added to it. Both can be found in the baking section of most supermarkets. The bittersweet chocolate is sold in thick one-ounce squares or in bulk. Unsweetened chocolate is available in eight one-ounce squares.

Semisweet Chocolate

This is the chocolate used in making chocolate chip cookies. It’s used for baking as well but can be eaten straight from the package. It’s sweeter than bittersweet chocolate and is available in chips, bars and one-ounce squares.

Milk Chocolate

Yes, it is also used in baking although the milk chocolate is sweetened and has milk solids added to it, increasing the fat content while decreasing the cocoa content. It also comes in chips and blocks for baking.

Eating Chocolate

Chocolate bars and boxed individual chocolates contain chocolate with various additives for flavour enhancement. Sugar, vanilla and milk solids added to chocolate make it sweeter and more able to melt in your mouth.

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