Mary Valentino

Mary Valentino is the owner of Emma's Sweets, inspired by her daughter, Emma.  After completing the Wilton Cake Decorating courses at a local craft store in the summer of 2013, she realized that making fondant cakes and working with buttercream was not for her.  After stumbling into the cookie world shortly therafter, Mary discovered endless possibilities to channel her creativity.   Releasing her energy into creating beautiful cookies has become therapeutic and very self rewarding. 

Now, considered a cookie artist,  Mary creates instructional videos for her YouTube channel and also teaches the art of cookie decorating to those who want to learn the craft.  Last year, Mary competed on the  American TV Competition "Christmas Cookie Challenge" on Food Network, where she became the champion! Since then, she has opened an online shop where she provides the tools and advice for those starting their cookie journey!  Mary will be on the Main Stage on Sunday at 3:00 pm.


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