Saturday Hands-on Classes

Hands On Classes are Organized and Directed by Gusta Cooking Studio.

All Classes are 3 Hours in Length.

All classes are $200

Class Subjects and Instructors are Subject to Change.


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9:00am-12:00pm:  Laces--The Art of Cake DecoratIng

Instructor:  Albena Petrova

Golden Lace Cake is a comprehensive 3 hours course that combines technical instruction with discussion and demonstration. It is a step by step program designed to improve or develop the capacity of execution of various techniques. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their unique approach and use their creativity.

In this class students will learn:
- to use their fantasy and inspiration to design a cake
- to create beautiful lace using simple tools
- piping method to connect all details and complete the lace effect with Albena’s royal icing recipe
- to apply gold on a cake
- to apply edible dragees using Drageekiss applicator

12:15pm-3:15pm:  Small Chocolate Christmas Tree

Instructor:  Sergio Shidomi

In this hands-on workshop, Sergio Shidomi, award-winning chocolatier, will show step by step how to build a chocolate showpiece that is fascinating to look at and taste delicious.  Learn about creating components and techniques in assembling, as well as adding ornaments to this Christmas tree. Bring home many chocolate tricks of the trade for the holiday season to come.

3:30pm-6:30pm:  Dali Inspired Jewelled Cake

Instructor:  Violet Lin Tran

Learn to create your own modified version of Violet’s popular Dali Inspired Jewelled Cake that has appeared in Cake Masters Magazine (UK) and Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine (UK).

In this 3 hour hands-on mini-class, students will learn:

how to add surface texture to a freshly covered cake tier

how to use silicone onlays to add surface detail

the best method to use to gold lustre an entire tier

how to create versatile ruffle rosettes using Violet’s own ‘stand-up ruffles’ method

how to create decorative vines and detailed fine leaves

to lustre/paint fine decorative details

how to use a variety of tools to add details to decorative elements

how to create decorative statement elements (large grape leaves and grape bunches)

Some guidance and tips will be given but students are required to have some experience working with fondant as they will be expected to cover one cake tier in this class.

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