Food Sampling and Selling


Canada's Baking and Sweets Show is pleased to announce that our exhibitors can NOW sell all their products and services at our show.  Products DO NOT need to be packaged.  There are NO sample requirements.  Please ensure that you list all your products/services for sale on your Exhibitor Contract. 

Cooking on site is NOT permitted. 

All food preparation and service will be strictly limited to warming and re-heating. The warming and re-heating of food must be in accordance with the regulations for building safety set forth by the City of Mississauga Fire Department, as well as those regulations outlined in the Ontario Fire Code. You may find information here: . The warming or re-heating of any or all food items at the Facility must be done using only electric devices or butane burners. Butane burners must be located on a back table away from the general public’s reach.

All food vendors must fill out and submit a Special Event Application to Peel Public Health.  Please click here for the form and submission requirements:

Please ensure that you have a MOBILE HAND WASH STATION at your booth if your products are NOT  Pre-packaged for sale or you are distributing samples.



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