Sunday Hands-on Classes

Sunday October 29, 2017

Admission must be purchased seperately.  It is EXTRA to Class Prices

All Classes are organized by Gusta Cooking Studio.

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Instructor: Holly Sigur Broussard

"Photobooth Cake that Levitates” $275

In this class, you will learn how to create a hanging hat cake using an armature that can be adapted for any cake design. Students will carve, ganache, cover, decorate, then hang their completed hats. Students will also learn how to construct a “photo booth”, as well as instruction on how to carve a bust from real cake using a template. *Hands-on bust sculpting is NOT included in this class.* Hats will be carved from foam in order for you to keep your finished pieces. The theme of this class may vary from the photo.


Instructor:  Cathy Lei

"Korean Buttercream Rose Piping and Arrangements" $175

Korean buttercream has created all the hype in the sweets world over the past year with its characteristic thin piping and translucent colours that differentiates it from conventional methods. Delicate details in arrangement and different petal construction makes this a unique phenomenon. In this hands-on class, you will learn the secrets to: - hand pipe various styles and components of buttercream flowers: rose, mini rose, rose bud, flower bud, leaf, rice flower, pearl trim - perfect the crescent style arrangement - assemble hand piped buttercream flowers on the cake - the technique of colouring buttercream in characteristic shades and ombre effect



Instructor:  Baron Hau

"Hand Rolled Truffles:  Matcha, Cassis, Black Truffle"  $140

Ganache could be easily made, but knowing the science and practical know-how behind it, you will be able to switch up ingredients and modify the texture and flavour to make whatever truffle you desire! Broken ganache will be in history. In this hands-on class, you will bring home not only truffles, but as well: - 3 methods to making ganache, the traditional, fast, and perfect methods - how to go beyond just cream and chocolate in ganache making - the basic science behind emulsion and its role in ganache - appreciation of differences between various quality of ingredients used - tricks to successfully hand roll truffles, coat, decorate, and store them - basic chocolate tempering techniques

Reservations for Hands-On Classes are based on first come-first served.


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