Sunday Demonstration Classes

Sunday, October 29,2017

Admission to the show must be purchased seperately.  Demonstration classes are an additional $10 unless otherwise specified.

All classes organized by Gusta Cooking Studio

All enquiries regarding classes should be forwarded to:


Instructor: Stacey Farrant

"# Sweet SUCCESS--From Home Baker to Business Owner"

Stacey Farrant, the owner of Sweet Bakery in Brantford; will engage the class with her personal story of the adventure from passionate home baker to the #SWEET Success of owning her own successful small business. While showcasing one of her signature Ribbon Rosette Cakes, Stacey will discuss the challenges of owning a small business, staying true to your passion and how to creatively market and brand yourself to stay relevant in an ever changing market.


Instructor: Masashi Nakagome

"Contemporary Japanese Roll Cake with Wagashi" 

NEO COFFEE BAR showcases traditional Japanese sweet ingredients in a variety of roll cakes and pastries. For NEO's Shingen roll cake, Masashi uses organic azuki beans and kinako, a roasted soy bean flour commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Another traditional Japanese ingredient in the Shingen is the delicate gyuhi mochi, most often featured in sweets in the Kyoto area.




Instructor: Melissa Huang


In this demo, you will learn how to make basic macaron batter using the French meringue method. You will also learn how to pipe fun-shaped macarons, decorate and fill them.


Instructor: Catherine Beddall

"The Magic of Gingerbread"  $15 for this class

Are you interested in bringing your gingerbread house skills to the next level? Join Catherine Beddall, pastry artist and author of The Magic of Gingerbread, as she demonstrates how to create a unique gingerbread creation. Learn all the tips and tricks of outlining, flooding and decorative piping, as well as gingerbread baking and construction.


Instructor: Christina Wong

"Dessert Table Design Tricks and Techniques"

Learn about the most important elements involved in creating a beautiful dessert table. With these tips on colour and theme coordination, your table will look professionally styled! (Photo credits: Visual Cravings, Mango Studio)


Instructor:  Susan Trianos

"Step by Step Peony Flower"

Join Susan as she takes you through all the steps to make a beautiful peony and dust it with just the perfect colour. A great statement piece for any cake!


Reservations for Demo Classes are based on first come-first served. Price per class $10.00 per person ( unless noted otherwise) online + entry to show.


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