Family Zone

Away from the hustle and bustle of being with your kids all day while you are visiting the show, there is an oasis of peace called the Family Zone at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show 2017. At the centre of al the chatter of visitors, and the whizzing of all the activities that make up the show, is a hub for young pastry chefs where they will learn to decorate and embellish their cookies and cupcakes.

We at CBSS 2017 have come up with the Family Zone to ensure that our young visitors take away some form of experience and knowledge. With them in mind, we have qualified and fun instructors who will patiently guide them through the process, leaving them with a positive introduction to the world of baking.

The hands-on decorating experience will give them a chance to see whether they would like to participate in an on-site workshop or would they love to do it again the next day, learning something new.

Although it is not difficult to engage kids in a show that has all their favorites: cupcakes, candy, sweets, and much more, the Family Zone is a haven of respite for the parents and adults accompanied by younger visitors.


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